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     EXCERPT: The Four Winds started their search with a breeze, blowing off hats and one toupee; then moved it up a notch as their quarry remained hidden. By evening, the Four Winds had covered blue sky with solid grey, and the Hong Kong Observatory warned of a Typhoon approaching. People headed home.

Overnight, the Four Winds worked themselves into a fervour so that the Observatory posted a Typhoon Signal Number 8; warning people to stay home as the unusual weather pattern appeared to be steering the eye of the storm directly over Hong Kong, and if that happened, it would mean a posting of Typhoon Signal 10.

At 7am the concierge left Mou Yu with two big circles of brown tape and instructions to cover the windows with them. Sulphur checked out the near empty fridge and strode back into the room, pointedly walking over an inert Frangipani several times until he elicited a groan.

The coven’s files on the Thistle case were scattered all over the bedroom floor. Frangipani had pored through them, finishing around 4am. Sulphur sat by the pillow and waited. The only sound he heard suggested Frangipani had fallen asleep again. It occurred to him she needed another good poke, and was just about to oblige in the region where her bladder should be, when Frangipani suddenly sat up with the question: “Can you go shopping by yourself as Edward?” Sulphur blinked cornflower blue eyes at her.

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Written by H B — January 26, 2015

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