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I HAVE HEARD of authors falling foul of Goodreads participants who post just to be malicious. Today, I got to see it in action on checking the progress of a title. It had managed to get a one-star from a "Roger." No review; just a rating.
So I clicked on the link to "Roger" and discovered he had rated pretty much all my books with one-star; begging the question: if you hated the first book so much, why bother buying the others? The answer of course is he didn't.

I am betting "Roger" doesn't have a single digital download of any of my titles, but Goodreads appears to not to care about the anomaly of an individual who has opened an account specifically to bring down an author, because of course "Roger" is not that stupid — he has rated two other books.


CONSIDER the heart of the individual who, in 29 books rated, needs to give an account for eight of ours, all on the same day.  That's almost one-third of what "Roger" has supposedly been reading.

If any author can open up a bogus account in order to sabotage another author for a less than glowing review, it means there is no point in giving reviews. Period.
The author who expects a glowing review needs to write a book worthy of that review. While personal response is a very subjective thing, I am pretty sure my response to "Roger's" work was not offering him anything new in terms of why his book was not completed.

Now that I see how the dynamics work for this author, it becomes clear where all the glowing reviews for his work come from. Presumably from as many bogus accounts required as the one created to bring my ratings down.

All writing is personal, "Roger," and we all have our egos, but what you just pulled tells me I wasn't wrong about your book. And, hey, I actually paid for my copy — read it, attempted to continue to read it, even offered it up as a good reading on Facebook based on the first chapter. My mistake.

I hope Goodreads doesn't allow you to continue to sabotage other authors because they bothered to review your book, but if it does — it's Goodreads reputation you're spoiling (yours also); not mine.


Originally posted on Goodreads.

Written by H B — February 27, 2013

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